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What is Docker and 10 Advantages?

Cadastrado: 16/02/2024 - 09:02

Docker is a platform where you can create various development environments; we can say it's a kind of virtual machine to develop whatever you want.

With Docker, you don't need to install several programs to develop your application; everything stays within Docker.

This way, your machine doesn't get loaded with programs to run various approvals, and we know, over time the PC slows down even when removing programs we don't use.

10 Docker Advantages:

  1. Flexibility: Docker allows developers to easily create, package, and distribute applications in any environment, thus enabling quick application portability across different operating systems.

  2. Time-saving: Docker is much faster to start and execute than full virtualization systems.

  3. Security: Docker provides an extra layer of isolation between applications and system layers, protecting applications and data from targeted attacks.

  4. Consistency: Docker provides a consistent and reliable way to build, deploy, and run applications.

  5. Resource efficiency: Docker allows developers to use available resources most efficiently, as it enables users to partition the operating system, leading to more efficient use of RAM and other computing resources.

  6. Ease of maintenance: Docker allows developers to easily manage their applications as container-packaged applications are much easier to manage.

  7. Service integration: Docker allows developers to easily integrate external services, such as databases and file systems, into their applications.

  8. Portability: Docker allows developers to easily build, package, and distribute applications to any environment anywhere.

  9. Monitoring features: Docker provides intuitive monitoring features such as logging, performance monitoring, and configuration management.

  10. Rapid development: Docker enables developers to quickly start, deploy, and test their applications as all the necessary resources to run the application are contained within the container.

For more information, visit the documentation by clicking here, and also check out this beginner course on Udemy.

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